It Is Never Too Late To Re-Create Yourself

Life is about creating yourself

When I first wrote my menu category “Me, My Thoughts and I”, it was the perfect way to describe the posts I will place in this category. Although, my sweet mom, a retired High School English teacher might take issue, suggesting I am teasing her for her continuous grammar lessons; one of which was “Me, Myself or I”.  I promise Mom, it definitely wasn’t my thought process, it was merely a bonus that came along with her continual teachings at the dinner table when one of us errors in our grammar as adults. No joke, you would not believe how many times this happens during any one of our Sunday family dinners.

The “Me” is the person I am to everyone else; mother, sister, daughter, auntie, friend etc.. The “My Thoughts” describe where I am emotionally at any given moment, or if I feel I desire to say something,  it might be me reminiscing over moments in my kids childhoods, or perhaps even my thoughts that are more in the moment due to a current event. The “I” is who I am inside, ever evolving, what inspires me, drives me, motivates me and makes me ME. I am amazed that even now as an adult, people manage to surprise me. So I guess it’s safe to say people are always evolving.

It’s funny, the blogging books, sites, and vast numbers of professionals will tell you over and over to focus your blog to one thing, if you want it to be great and/or successful, But right after they say that, they really drive home for you to “Just Be You” remain transparent, be real with your readers. Well, this is me being real, I am many things. Food and Baking is indeed my bliss and my main focus of this blog, but I am so much more than just Food and Baking. I am a mother who has thoughts about the world my children are growing up to in, and I am a woman that desires to share what inspires me and carries me through days that aren’t so sweet.  There is a huge world out there waiting to offer me ways to continue creating ME.

So if after all of that if my little blog winds up being unsuccessful or not so “great”, I am okay with that. Because anyone that knows me or wants to know me, I figure might very well want to hear all of what I mention above from me, and I can’t just make myself about one thing.

Hopefully that’s good enough.