Shiny, Dull, Dark- A Little “Need to Know” About Your Baking Pans

Here's a Tip

Okay so it’s safe to say that all baking pans are made from some sort of metal, however that is the last thing they probably have in common. This is something as a beginning baker, that took me a bit to learn. Google would have been very helpful back then.

Aluminum pans are easily the most popular type of baking pan you will find on the market, but there are definitely others. These rules apply to all.

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Building Your Baking Kitchen Part I- The Baking Pans and Dishes You’ll Need

Building Your Baking KitchenI am going to begin this series of posts  with a list of baking pans and dishes I believe are necessary for basic baking. You don’t need to have everything at once, This is just a list  to keep on hand, or one to refer back to when and if you begin to build your own bakers kitchen, or if perhaps you are ready to do some upgrading. I know, you are probably wondering why I am referring to all of your baking supplies as your “Baking Kitchen”; my Grandmother teased me when I was younger, because I literally took notes when she was baking about what I would need to be the incredible  baker she was.  I literally asked her what every single tool she used was named, what it did and where I could buy it.  She laughingly joked that I was already planning on building my own baking kitchen,  and she was right, I was!

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