Hope, Faith and Courage

Hope Faith & Courage

Oh my gosh, there are days when life takes the wheel and I can’t get my seatbelt off to take it back. On those days it used to be so easy for me to succumb to my circumstances with no hope in my heart. Admittedly, there will always be days that I will have to remind myself not to be that person any more.

I had big plans for today’s post but the weekend went off course, and today happens to be my birthday so, I am spending it with my youngest son and my parents. However, I’d like to say what is on my mind today. I awoke and something struck me this morning. I realized today exactly how far I have come from just a mere year ago; give or take.

I was in my fifth year of letting illness and sadness drive my life, but something happened and oddly enough I cannot even recall what it was. I do remember that it happened on my birthday last year, forcing me to finally looked at myself in my bedroom mirror and say “enough”. I took that wheel back and decided that only I could save me. Now, there will always be times when I hit a pothole, or even a dead end that jostles my spirit. But I have and will continue to hold firm, and keep driving forward with hope, faith and courage. I am in a much more beautiful place now, and I am NOT looking in the rear-view mirror any longer.

Admittedly, my blog is meant to be food, baking and confection based, so yes, I realize this post cannot exactly be eaten. But this is me, and the very reason why I placed the “Me, My Thoughts & I” link on my menu.  I knew there would be times where I wouldn’t be able to shut-up. ;)

I sincerely hope at least one person reads this and it helps either to remind or nudge them to persevere. The saying above has been taped to the same bedroom mirror that I mentioned previously for a year+. Ironically someone posted it on Facebook yesterday so of course I wanted to share it. The message on my mirror has curled a bit but the words are imprinted on my heart now.

Everyone of us has bad days, weeks or longer that may cripple our spirits, but with hope, faith and courage we can take the wheel and drive wherever our heart and souls will to take us.

Practice makes perfect!

Enjoy your day!