10 Things To Do On Spring Mornings In Kansas City

I awoke this morning to birds singing and a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the window. The air smelled fabulous! Here in the Midwest, Spring tends to disappear into hot Summer days in an instant, so mornings such as these you need to stop and take advantage of every sweet second.

magnolia tree blossomsThe picture here is of our Magnolia tree which at this time each year blooms into bursts of purplish-pink flowers. These blooms tend to disappear and blow away far too fast for my liking. The humming birds I imagine are disappointed as well.  Basically, this fact means that I will have to camp out on the porch with a book and some iced tea, so that I may enjoy every sweet second they are here. Poor me.

Spring in the Midwest is fleeting, the hot, humid weather bullies Spring into retreat in what seems like mere days. However, we do not complain, (not true, some of us do, but I won’t throw anybody under the bus here). Instead we absorb every bit of  our beautiful Spring weather possible. So…

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