You can now order Joe’s KC BBQ online and have it delivered anywhere in the country — Sneakhype

For all of my out of state peeps, especially you Dad. A gift from Kansas City. {I am certain this will not be re-gifted.} – Jaye

IfJoes BBQ you’re not from Kansas City or just haven’t ever experienced some of the best BBQ in the country, then you’re now in luck. Joe’s KC will send you their high-quality BBQ ingredients to make some of their best dishes at home. Whether you want their classic Z-Man sandwich or just some good ol’ ribs, (follow link below for more)

via You can now order Joe’s KC BBQ online and have it delivered anywhere in the country — Sneakhype

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10 Things To Do On Spring Mornings In Kansas City

I awoke this morning to birds singing and a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the window. The air smelled fabulous! Here in the Midwest, Spring tends to disappear into hot Summer days in an instant, so mornings such as these you need to stop and take advantage of every sweet second.

magnolia tree blossomsThe picture here is of our Magnolia tree which at this time each year blooms into bursts of purplish-pink flowers. These blooms tend to disappear and blow away far too fast for my liking. The humming birds I imagine are disappointed as well.  Basically, this fact means that I will have to camp out on the porch with a book and some iced tea, so that I may enjoy every sweet second they are here. Poor me.

Spring in the Midwest is fleeting, the hot, humid weather bullies Spring into retreat in what seems like mere days. However, we do not complain, (not true, some of us do, but I won’t throw anybody under the bus here). Instead we absorb every bit of  our beautiful Spring weather possible. So…

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Yes! A Streetcar for Kansas City

photocredit kcur.orgToday is another huge day for Kansas City! After years of work and planning, Kansas City finally has a  streetcar! The streetcar will run a 2-mile starter route from the River Market to Union Station.  Rides will be free and there will be 16 stops along the 2-mile route. Each streetcar can carry a maximum of 150 people and the cost is…wait for it…. FREE!

The entire trip from Third and Grand in the beautiful River Market area to Pershing and Main at Union Station will take 13 ½ minutes, allocating 15 seconds per stop.  No more parking, finding your car, getting back in your car, driving, rinse repeat.

With the addition of the streetcar, I am personally so jazzed that my beloved Spring & Summer ritual of Saturday morning trips to the Farmers Market in the beautiful River Market area will now also allow me to hop on our new streetcar and head to the Power & Light district for lunch at one of my many favorite spots! This is beyond fantastic! As far as time saving navigation to and from one fabulous area of our beautiful city to another, there are indeed, no worries.

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The Heartbeat of Kansas City


KC Skyline 2_edited-1I have to brag! There is a reason why Kansas City was located in the heart of America, and I am here to tell you, it was not by accident. As any rookie or seasoned visitor to my beautiful home will tell you, from the moment you arrive, you will indeed feel this spectacular citys’ heartbeat.  Yes, the Midwestern way is really a thing. You will be hard-pressed to find a stranger and may even leave some new lifelong friends behind. In fact, the singular motto of this marvelous city is unity.

Kansas City is not just a dot in the middle of a map, it is a Destination! This city truly has it all, delicious Kansas City barbeque joints and restaurants, a fill your soul jazz district, dazzling nightlife, a vibrant and flourishing art community, spectacular music venues, historical attractions and museums and that is just to name a few!  And how could I forget to mention that Kansas City is also the home of our  World Series 2015 Champions  the Kansas City Royals! Not to mention the Kansas City Chiefs, Sporting KC and the Missouri Mavericks! (I am completely obsessed with our Royals and MY Chiefs. (Yes, as far as I am concerned they are indeed mine.)

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