This Morning I Felt My First Earthquake


A small earthquake felt in Kansas City reminds me once again to Cherish Every Moment

This morning around 7 am, I was watching a movie and both my door and upstairs roof simultaneously made a crack and a very loud creaking noise. I instantly sat up, putting my feet on the ground, and felt the floor kind of rumble and shake. My larger dog made a weird yipping sound and both of our dogs made a beeline for me.

It took a second for everything to register and to be honest,  I really thought I was losing my mind; I asked myself is this an earthquake?  Quickly I looked at my glass of water, (The Jurassic Park movie test, ha! don’t judge, at least I knew it wasn’t a T-Rex) and the water was definitely wobbly. Then I knew; I was definitely losing my mind. It stopped after about 45 seconds and armed with this newfound knowledge that I had gone crazy, I went back to my movie. The dogs were smarter, they stayed close and remained wary. Poor pups.

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What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

Keep This Quote In Your Mind

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The realization of my last two boys rapidly approaching high school and college, absolutely gut-punched me this year, especially on the first day of school.  What in the world was I going to do once they’re both gone, living the college life? Oh wow, my first two older kids were difficult enough to deal with.

After expressing my fears, my brother asked me the same question mentioned above in my title, “What would you do if you could not fail?”. I joked and said, “I’d have more kids”. I’ve been a mom for more than half of my life, so although I laughed; secretly I had already been asking myself  “what am I going to do, if I am not on 24/7 mom duty?” I had no ideas…….. but my brothers question stayed with me.  Thus, I’ve been playing with an answer in my head for weeks and then I saw this quote.  Simple yet SO empowering. I am not a huge risk taker, but gosh it has been so fun thinking of things I had previously considered impossible.

Something about this quote strengthens me and has even woken up a part of me that I haven’t previously known.

So what would YOU do if you could not fail? Just think on it for a bit. You might just  surprise yourself.

Enjoy your day!




Hope, Faith and Courage

Hope Faith & Courage

Oh my gosh, there are days when life takes the wheel and I can’t get my seatbelt off to take it back. On those days it used to be so easy for me to succumb to my circumstances with no hope in my heart. Admittedly, there will always be days that I will have to remind myself not to be that person any more.

I had big plans for today’s post but the weekend went off course, and today happens to be my birthday so, I am spending it with my youngest son and my parents. However, I’d like to say what is on my mind today. I awoke and something struck me this morning. I realized today exactly how far I have come from just a mere year ago; give or take.

I was in my fifth year of letting illness and sadness drive my life, but something happened and oddly enough I cannot even recall what it was. I do remember that it happened on my birthday last year, forcing me to finally looked at myself in my bedroom mirror and say “enough”. I took that wheel back and decided that only I could save me. Now, there will always be times when I hit a pothole, or even a dead end that jostles my spirit. But I have and will continue to hold firm, and keep driving forward with hope, faith and courage. I am in a much more beautiful place now, and I am NOT looking in the rear-view mirror any longer.

Admittedly, my blog is meant to be food, baking and confection based, so yes, I realize this post cannot exactly be eaten. But this is me, and the very reason why I placed the “Me, My Thoughts & I” link on my menu.  I knew there would be times where I wouldn’t be able to shut-up. ;)

I sincerely hope at least one person reads this and it helps either to remind or nudge them to persevere. The saying above has been taped to the same bedroom mirror that I mentioned previously for a year+. Ironically someone posted it on Facebook yesterday so of course I wanted to share it. The message on my mirror has curled a bit but the words are imprinted on my heart now.

Everyone of us has bad days, weeks or longer that may cripple our spirits, but with hope, faith and courage we can take the wheel and drive wherever our heart and souls will to take us.

Practice makes perfect!

Enjoy your day!



Slowing Down to Stand Together


              Unity  It starts with you. If not you than who?

Our big beautiful world seems so much scarier lately, doesn’t it? As I have said so many times before in other articles and posts; I fear this world we are leaving for our children.

I do not have the answers on how to fix what has been happening in our world. What I do know is the farther apart we stand, the farther away we are from actual peace.

We have to stand together. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to gather and march in the streets, nor stage huge protests. I am simply saying stand together. Treat everyone as if they are your friend, give a hand to that stranger in need, show everyone you meet the utmost respect, whether they show you the same respect need not matter here.

We are all moving so fast that we are alienating each other, without even realizing it. We are making it so much easier to continue ignoring the great divide growing between us. I’m not talking gender, I’m not talking race, I’m not talking religion, I’m talking as humans.

I realize this won’t fix everything but lets just consider; if each one of us can positively affect one person out there, just one, with simple acts of kindness and respect,  doesn’t that mean we just made the world a little bit better?

It certainly couldn’t hurt.






Social Media Ablaze With Ugliness Except for….


I absolutely could not believe the hate filled words people were using on Twitter, Facebook and other social media yesterday. My heart was heavy as I returned home last night.

Once home, I flipped open Facebook again to answer some notifications and there it was; not anger nor hate, just a message of love and hope from a man, his wife and his five children.

It was the spark I needed. Hope restored. Truth. And it only took one stranger to give me that hope.

We may not have all the answers, but if we have hope in our hearts and move forward with kindness for each other, maybe we can change things.

It only takes one person.

Today his July 8th Facebook video alone  has had 8,784,472 views.

That’s a lot of hope.

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