Sunny Lemon Bars

Lemon bar recipe

Dusted Sunny Lemon Bars

These lemon bars are my hands down favorite bar cookie. Their yummy sweet, tart and sunny yellow goodness scream summer to me. Though I eat them year round, many fun summer days growing up and playing at my grandparents involved my favorite treat. I simply love, Love, LOVE them!

This recipe is my favorite, and you will find it very easy as well!  An insider tip…the corners are incredible!

Sunny Lemon Bars

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My Raspberry Addiction

Fresh Raspberries

I absolutely loooove raspberries.(I may be addicted) My love for them began when I was little girl and my Dad told me they were his favorite fruit. Dad and I had a really special relationship, so I stored this little fact for future use. I was always trying to make him happy and proud, so when weeks later my sweet Mom bought me a little raspberry bush from a road side stand, I hatched a plan to make my Dad super happy. Mom and I planted that little bush and I tended to it like a tiny baby; sitting by it for hours with the hopes of seeing the first berry pop. In my little gardening head I was already envisioning myself carrying a huge basket of raspberries to show my family and feed to the neighbors. After a couple of weeks, I was really starting to lose the faith. My raspberry bush was broke, I decided, nonetheless I awoke early one morning and walked outside in my jammies to check my broken little bush. And there they were! 4 plump little raspberries and 1 mutant little raspberry looking thing, which looked a little sketchy.

I plucked those berries so fast, I practically ripped up the entire bush. I remember putting them in a ginormous bowl and carrying them into my Dad, like I was bringing him gold. I had a moment where I thought he might laugh at my teeny little crop, but as soon as he saw them he made a huge fuss, ate all of them, even the little mutant one. Once done with my little raspberry feast, Dad gushed and smacked his lips like my raspberries were the best thing he had ever tasted. In hindsight, I realize now they were most likely awful and bitter, but because my little 7 year old brain just wanted a darn berry, I had given no thought to letting them grow into a real raspberry. I do remember feeling incredibly proud of myself, and without ever even tasting one, I declared from that day forward, raspberries were now also my favorite fruit.

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Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies

There is just something about chocolate and Mondays. I eat it as a reward for all of the hard work I have coming at me in the week ahead.  Nah….Who am I kidding? The truth is I eat it because it’s Monday. (I’ll eat it because its Tuesday tomorrow too.)

This recipe is perfect for anyone that needs a rich and fudgy treat. Plus it’s extremely easy and who doesn’t like a brownie?

Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies

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Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars

sopapilla cheesecake bars

I truly loved all of my baking and pastry courses the most in Culinary School. (Sorry Chef Paul.)

Oh, the things I learned to do with puff pastry in those classes. I dreamed to do the same at home. But lets be real, at the time I was a mom of 6 young kids, 2 of which were under the age of 4, so between studying and mom’ing, I really had no time to be delving into the world of pastry making. Even so, we did not want for sweets.

My absolute go-to ingredient for fabulous pastry-like delights was and in many instances still is Pillsbury®  crescent roll dough.  The delectable things I’m going to share with you here on this blog are mind blowing.  Pillsbury had no idea of the magic they were creating when they unleashed this rolled up puff-like pastry dough on the world.  They couldn’t have. Otherwise  one would think they would have  named them Golden Magic That Will Blow Your Mind Dough. The other wonderful thing about this product is that it makes almost every recipe that requires it, ridiculously easy. And with life moving so fast these days, who doesn’t’ love that?

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