I Am Not Lost, Okaaaay I Was Lost


I haven’t made a post in a very long time. (Originally this post was made a little over a year ago.  Life definitely happened and I had to take some personal time.) This is not because I have been kidnapped, nor have I intentionally deserted the blog.   Life simply decided it had other plans for myself and family. Life can do that as we all know. That being said, it is still beautiful and I look forward to every day. (Well almost every day) :) Hopefully, I will return very soon. Let me rephrase that, I WILL return very soon.

Thank you to the people who have commented and said they miss me.  Especially Munira Chowdhury. Her blog A Messy World is  absolutely one of my favorites. Please check out her blog at  https://munirachowdhury.wordpress.com/  You will not be disappointed.

My blog is currently being rebranded and formatted against all rules of blogging.  I absolutely love to bake, but at the time it unfortunately is not practical. So as I said before, please check back in a couple of weeks as I change things up to suit my new life.

I hope anyone that sees this post is healthy, happy and enjoying their Fall weather! I know I have followers from Australia, and I have been told this time of year is especially beautiful for you!

Enjoy Your Day!