This Morning I Felt My First Earthquake


A small earthquake felt in Kansas City reminds me once again to Cherish Every Moment

This morning around 7 am, I was watching a movie and both my door and upstairs roof simultaneously made a crack and a very loud creaking noise. I instantly sat up, putting my feet on the ground, and felt the floor kind of rumble and shake. My larger dog made a weird yipping sound and both of our dogs made a beeline for me.

It took a second for everything to register and to be honest,  I really thought I was losing my mind; I asked myself is this an earthquake?  Quickly I looked at my glass of water, (The Jurassic Park movie test, ha! don’t judge, at least I knew it wasn’t a T-Rex) and the water was definitely wobbly. Then I knew; I was definitely losing my mind. It stopped after about 45 seconds and armed with this newfound knowledge that I had gone crazy, I went back to my movie. The dogs were smarter, they stayed close and remained wary. Poor pups.

48 minutes later, I paused the movie I had been watching for too long so the TV switched back over to the news and yes there it was, definitely an earthquake. 5.6 on the Rictor scale centered in Oklahoma, at least 375+ miles away. We have family there so I can only hope they are safe as they are not answering any phones, however that is usual, thankfully.

Since the first large quake this morning there have been 3 smaller quakes in Oklahoma. I don’t know about you but with the hurricanes in Florida and all along the Pan Handle, along with the recent terrible earthquake devastation in Italy; I am again reminded that this life we have is so short.

My children are all off doing Labor Day things about a 100+ miles closer to the quake, so of course as any mother would be,  I am worried.  I’ve spoken to them, and they are all fine, obviously. However, on a scale of 1 to 10 on the scale of neurotic moms, I am about a 300.

Nevertheless, things like this always serve to remind me that I must get out of my own head more, and cherish the moments I miss with each and every loved one, most especially my children. Life is too short, and many important moments that could be memories are missed. I must unplug more and tune into my loved ones.

The quote above is so true.  But most of them are. I fear though when we see quotes such as these, we all think, WOW, this really means something to me, but then it’s forgotten after we go get our second cup of coffee, or someone calls on the phone.

I personally am giving this one great credence. It may have taken the earth shaking a little here in Kansas City, but I’ll remember it and hopefully will hold onto even after life throws in other plans.

I hope everyone is safe and well.




9 thoughts on “This Morning I Felt My First Earthquake

  1. These jolts sometimes brings us back to reality – to embrace and accept the goodness and the life we have. To cherish. Can only imagine what you must have gone through and what would have been running through your mind… and you penned it down to share. Thank you for sharing. True words.

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    • To be honest, it was somewhat surreal but not frightening. The terror that gripped me came after I was informed it actually was an earthquake and I was many miles away from every single one of my children. I worry about such random things when my children are away, but never an earthquake. I was very far away from where it hit, however my two youngest were closer.
      And you are so right, the jolt bringing me back to the reality to cherish and live life with gratitude was most probably a gift. Thank you so much for commenting.

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  2. I know the feeling.Hope you are safe and secure now.Usually the aftershocks occur in such cases,god forbids with anything again to happen.Take care and be safe.

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