Don’t Toss Your Vanilla Beans

Vanilla bean sugar

I am trying to switch my blogsite over to a newer site design, so I apologize for my lack of posts. Nevertheless, I decided to pop up a tip post this morning.

Many people do not realize they can purchase entire vanilla beans for enhanced flavoring in baking. The inside of a vanilla bean holds pure magic. These skinny little beans can be purchased at most grocery stores.  McCormick® Spice Company sells them in a bottle in your herb and spice aisle at local grocers but if you are unable to find them, here is a link to purchase them online Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

I cannot tell you how many vanilla beans I’ve tossed after scraping clean their yummy centers. It killed me, they smelled so delicious!  Finally, I came across a tip that basically called me out. I was a “Vanilla Bean Waster”. <—-Is that even a word?

Here’s the tip; Take your vanilla beans, once scraped clean of their delectable center and place them in your sugar container. Whaaaat? I should have thought of this! At least that’s how I felt when I came across the tip. So easy and such a great idea. Vanilla sugar is so flavorful and fragrant. It adds a whole new flavor layer to your morning coffee. Yum!

It also makes a wonderful little last minute gift during the holidays, or rather whenever a small gift is needed i.e. hostess gifts. All you need to do is purchase some inexpensive empty little jars with lids at your local hobby and craft store, fill the jar with one bean and some sugar, pop the top on. Make a little tag or label stating “Vanilla Sugar”, tie a bow and done! It look so pretty, once done. I even had one of my children’s teachers ask how long it takes to make it. Ha!

“I slaved over a hot stove, waiting until the empty vanilla beans were at their peak, gradually adding sugar a teaspoon hour by hour over a week long period”.  Okay, no I didn’t say that. But it really is that impressive.

That’s about it! Oh. Wow, how could I forget? You can also add it to a bottle of Vodka or Bourbon also. I’m just sayin’…….

Enjoy your day!



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