Slowing Down to Stand Together


              Unity  It starts with you. If not you than who?

Our big beautiful world seems so much scarier lately, doesn’t it? As I have said so many times before in other articles and posts; I fear this world we are leaving for our children.

I do not have the answers on how to fix what has been happening in our world. What I do know is the farther apart we stand, the farther away we are from actual peace.

We have to stand together. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to gather and march in the streets, nor stage huge protests. I am simply saying stand together. Treat everyone as if they are your friend, give a hand to that stranger in need, show everyone you meet the utmost respect, whether they show you the same respect need not matter here.

We are all moving so fast that we are alienating each other, without even realizing it. We are making it so much easier to continue ignoring the great divide growing between us. I’m not talking gender, I’m not talking race, I’m not talking religion, I’m talking as humans.

I realize this won’t fix everything but lets just consider; if each one of us can positively affect one person out there, just one, with simple acts of kindness and respect,  doesn’t that mean we just made the world a little bit better?

It certainly couldn’t hurt.