Zentangle® And Other Wonderful Ways To Relax And Refocus


A Pigment Ink and Water Color Piece

A Pigment Ink and Water Color Piece, I did for my daughter Ashley Megan


I think I have always been a person driven by creativity. Some of my early and happiest memories involve me drawing or painting. Crafting, DIY projects, drawing and painting are in my DNA. I am as close to obsessed as I care to admit.  Let’s just say if I am at your house and you break a pretty dish and then throw the pieces in the trash, I’ll be the one crawling through your doggy door to go through your trash at midnight. I’m kidding! kinda….No seriously, I do admit going into our local Michaels® Arts & Crafts store and staying for four hours once. I’d felt like I’d been there for a while, but not over an hour, and then I realized the time……. 4 hours!!!??

I’m a craft-a-holic diy-crazy girl. However, this post is about how drawing and painting saved me from crumpling further into my illness more than any treatment or medication ever could or would.

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It Is Never Too Late To Re-Create Yourself

Life is about creating yourself

When I first wrote my menu category “Me, My Thoughts and I”, it was the perfect way to describe the posts I will place in this category. Although, my sweet mom, a retired High School English teacher might take issue, suggesting I am teasing her for her continuous grammar lessons; one of which was “Me, Myself or I”.  I promise Mom, it definitely wasn’t my thought process, it was merely a bonus that came along with her continual teachings at the dinner table when one of us errors in our grammar as adults. No joke, you would not believe how many times this happens during any one of our Sunday family dinners.

The “Me” is the person I am to everyone else; mother, sister, daughter, auntie, friend etc.. The “My Thoughts” describe where I am emotionally at any given moment, or if I feel I desire to say something,  it might be me reminiscing over moments in my kids childhoods, or perhaps even my thoughts that are more in the moment due to a current event. The “I” is who I am inside, ever evolving, what inspires me, drives me, motivates me and makes me ME. I am amazed that even now as an adult, people manage to surprise me. So I guess it’s safe to say people are always evolving.

It’s funny, the blogging books, sites, and vast numbers of professionals will tell you over and over to focus your blog to one thing, if you want it to be great and/or successful, But right after they say that, they really drive home for you to “Just Be You” remain transparent, be real with your readers. Well, this is me being real, I am many things. Food and Baking is indeed my bliss and my main focus of this blog, but I am so much more than just Food and Baking. I am a mother who has thoughts about the world my children are growing up to in, and I am a woman that desires to share what inspires me and carries me through days that aren’t so sweet.  There is a huge world out there waiting to offer me ways to continue creating ME.

So if after all of that if my little blog winds up being unsuccessful or not so “great”, I am okay with that. Because anyone that knows me or wants to know me, I figure might very well want to hear all of what I mention above from me, and I can’t just make myself about one thing.

Hopefully that’s good enough.



I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know This…..

Bananas are a berry

I didn’t know it either.

A banana IS considered a berry…BUT oddly enough….

A strawberry is not a berry, (whaaaaat??) yet a banana is… By technical definition, a berry is a fleshy fruit produced from a single seed. The strawberry, however has its dry, yellow “seeds” on the outside (each of which is actually considered a separate fruit).

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My Raspberry Addiction

Fresh Raspberries

I absolutely loooove raspberries.(I may be addicted) My love for them began when I was little girl and my Dad told me they were his favorite fruit. Dad and I had a really special relationship, so I stored this little fact for future use. I was always trying to make him happy and proud, so when weeks later my sweet Mom bought me a little raspberry bush from a road side stand, I hatched a plan to make my Dad super happy. Mom and I planted that little bush and I tended to it like a tiny baby; sitting by it for hours with the hopes of seeing the first berry pop. In my little gardening head I was already envisioning myself carrying a huge basket of raspberries to show my family and feed to the neighbors. After a couple of weeks, I was really starting to lose the faith. My raspberry bush was broke, I decided, nonetheless I awoke early one morning and walked outside in my jammies to check my broken little bush. And there they were! 4 plump little raspberries and 1 mutant little raspberry looking thing, which looked a little sketchy.

I plucked those berries so fast, I practically ripped up the entire bush. I remember putting them in a ginormous bowl and carrying them into my Dad, like I was bringing him gold. I had a moment where I thought he might laugh at my teeny little crop, but as soon as he saw them he made a huge fuss, ate all of them, even the little mutant one. Once done with my little raspberry feast, Dad gushed and smacked his lips like my raspberries were the best thing he had ever tasted. In hindsight, I realize now they were most likely awful and bitter, but because my little 7 year old brain just wanted a darn berry, I had given no thought to letting them grow into a real raspberry. I do remember feeling incredibly proud of myself, and without ever even tasting one, I declared from that day forward, raspberries were now also my favorite fruit.

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Slowing Down to Stand Together


              Unity  It starts with you. If not you than who?

Our big beautiful world seems so much scarier lately, doesn’t it? As I have said so many times before in other articles and posts; I fear this world we are leaving for our children.

I do not have the answers on how to fix what has been happening in our world. What I do know is the farther apart we stand, the farther away we are from actual peace.

We have to stand together. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to gather and march in the streets, nor stage huge protests. I am simply saying stand together. Treat everyone as if they are your friend, give a hand to that stranger in need, show everyone you meet the utmost respect, whether they show you the same respect need not matter here.

We are all moving so fast that we are alienating each other, without even realizing it. We are making it so much easier to continue ignoring the great divide growing between us. I’m not talking gender, I’m not talking race, I’m not talking religion, I’m talking as humans.

I realize this won’t fix everything but lets just consider; if each one of us can positively affect one person out there, just one, with simple acts of kindness and respect,  doesn’t that mean we just made the world a little bit better?

It certainly couldn’t hurt.