10 Things To Do On Spring Mornings In Kansas City

I awoke this morning to birds singing and a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the window. The air smelled fabulous! Here in the Midwest, Spring tends to disappear into hot Summer days in an instant, so mornings such as these you need to stop and take advantage of every sweet second.

magnolia tree blossomsThe picture here is of our Magnolia tree which at this time each year blooms into bursts of purplish-pink flowers. These blooms tend to disappear and blow away far too fast for my liking. The humming birds I imagine are disappointed as well.  Basically, this fact means that I will have to camp out on the porch with a book and some iced tea, so that I may enjoy every sweet second they are here. Poor me.

Spring in the Midwest is fleeting, the hot, humid weather bullies Spring into retreat in what seems like mere days. However, we do not complain, (not true, some of us do, but I won’t throw anybody under the bus here). Instead we absorb every bit of  our beautiful Spring weather possible. So…

10 Things You Must Do on Spring Mornings in the Kansas City

  1. Throw on your tennis shoes, running shoes (whatever you call them) and walk somewhere beautiful. Here in KC we are long on beautiful neighborhoods, parks and even rural countryside. So do it! Especially if it’s early. So sweet!
  2. Take your Starbuck’s or put your homebrew in a travel mug and drive to a park to sit, enjoy the beautiful morning and your first cup of jo.
  3. Take your pups to one of many dog parks, pups love Spring too!
  4. Take a drive to a nursery and get inspired for your Vegetable garden and the flowers for your yard. Get started today!
  5. If you’re in the city and you don’t have a ton of green space, get in your car, windows down and crank the music while driving to any number of  our beautiful old neighborhoods. I personally loves the winding hills and gorgeous lawns and huge homes on Ward Parkway near the Plaza.
  6. Get some breakfast or brunch on the Country Club Plaza, and then walk it off while enjoying the beauty of the architecture of some of the older buildings, the many fountains. (Did you know that Kansas City has more fountains than anywhere in the world? Even Italy!
  7. Do you have a camera? Well I’d bet you have a smart phone. Drive downtown to the Power and Light District and take some snaps of how new meets old. The  Ultra cool Power and Light District is nested right smack dab in the middle of some of Kansas City’s coolest historical buildings.  Go visit the President Hotel or the old Mainstreet Theatre, now named the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre which actually used to be a very popular vaudeville and movie house. These two buildings are so cool to explore.
  8. Get down to the Farmers Market/City Market in the culturally enriched River Market area. Opened year round, I love it most in the Spring & Summer! Saturdays 6 am- 3pm, Sundays 8 am – 3pm. Rain or shine. Known to be the regions largest  farmers market.  130+ vendors selling everything from bedding plants, fruits, veggies, herbs, yummy baked goods and sweets,  fresh cut flowers and crafts made by local artisans. Wow! Straight from the River Market’s own web mouth, “At the City Market, you will find the finest produce and many organic foods all fresh from Missouri and the surrounding region”.
  9. If you want to put smiles on your little ones faces, head to Deanna Rose Farmstead! 12 acres of gorgeous and fun things to do. Designed to depict a family farm,  your kids will absolutely love the many animals and birds of prey, vegetable and flower gardens, a one-room country schoolhouse, an old-time fishing pond, pony rides and more. #RockstarParent
  10. Lastly one of my more practical choices is to get your errands done early! Then you’ll have an entire day to enjoy these beautiful days!


Enjoy your day!